Friday, June 18, 2010

Calm, Cool, and Collected - SOLD

6x6 oil on Raymar panel
The cool colors of this painting make it seem so calm. The limes seem to be just relaxing in the light. I like the way they reflect into the mug.
I have been out of town for the last couple weeks - am home now and will be posting more regularly. I did just 3 plein air paintings while away - it's hard when there's so many other things planned throughout the days. I will begin listing some paintings for sale on ebay this next week - a random selection from older and newer posts.
As always, your comments are appreciated!


  1. I like the reflections in the cup and also the blues in the limes. Your shadows are lovely. Very nice, Martha!

  2. Oooops! Forgot to tell you congratulations about finishing at #10! That's fantastic!!

  3. Martha, I am suffering from jet lag today (back from London & Paris!) and trying to do office work from home and unpack and it's 105 degrees in Dallas and I am not getting anything done...but I opened your email and went "Aaaahhhh..." A beautiful, cooling painting!