Monday, May 23, 2011

Karen Painting and Slide Rock Sedona

This painting is the result of painting in the cold, (44 degrees) the rain, the hail, and the sleet. And all of this mixed in with intermittent sun. Very difficult. There are a few major things I learned while in Sedona: that I can paint in plein air in any kind of weather; that my new guerilla box and tripod work perfectly for me; to always block in the largest shapes first, and to stick to my original value sketch, and never chase the light. Whew!
I'm back from Sedona, having had a wonderful week with my good friend, Karen Werner. This is a photo of her painting, under the cover of a women's restroom at Slide Rock. My easel is to the left. It was so cold this day, that at times I would look at the scene (see it above), load up my brush, go into the heated restroom, and paint. I would also heat up my hands and hat under the hand dryer!

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  1. Loved seeing your paintings and hearing of your experiences at the workshop. Sorry it was not warmer. You turned out some nice paintings in some tough conditions.